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MagicCrafter was created by Seattle magician Brian Cook to provide performing magicians with exceptional products that are made from superior materials and hold up under heavy use.

My name is Brian Cook and I have been performing professionally since 1991 and have been building for even longer. I have had the opportunity to perform in many cities in the United States and a few countries around the world, so I know the importance of having a prop that you can count on for every show. Throughout my experiences, I have noticed one common theme with all of the effects that I purchased, I was always remaking them. There were a couple reasons I did this. The first was that the product was just made poorly. I found that after only a handful of performances the prop would already start to fall apart. The second reason was that the prop didn’t fit my style. I would rebuild and customize the props out of quality materials like walnut and cocobolo, adding nice brass trim to add elegance and stability to the product. Other performers would notice my pieces and ask me where they could get one for themselves. And so I began making props for other performers, as well as myself. As I became more well known, my work with acrylics gained increased interest as I took a new approach to standard effects by making them clear like die boxes, card cases and more.


I have always been fascinated with building and took all the classes I could over the years. I have even had the opportunity to learn from a incredible magic builder, Chance Wolf from Wolfs Magic. He has helped me over the years on my own ideas and also with many building techniques to help refine my craft….Thank you Chance!


The goal of MagicCrafter is to provide magicians with a quality product at an affordable price. In order to ensure exceptional and innovative products in the future MagicCrafter will continue to work with great magicians to bring their ideas to life and showcase their tricks. I look forward to providing you with a great product that you will enjoy as much as I do. Please keep in mind that each piece is built to order so some of the items may take a little bit of time to get back in stock. I welcome you to come back and visit often as new products will continue to be available all of the time.

Brian Cook

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