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I am hard pressed to think of any other builder of magical props or magical memorabilia in the world that compares to the beauty and craftsmanship and quality of those hand made pieces of art that Brian Cook produces. He is not only a fine performer and a great humanitarian but also a great artist with wood and metal.
Your friend and admirer

                                    Fielding West

MagicCrafters was one of my highlights of the IBM/SAM Convention this year. The quality of their props and the care that goes into making them is astounding. I am now the proud owner of one of their gorgeous Chop Cups, their Okito Box set, the fabulous Nest of Boxes and the Rice, Pearl, Checker Transposition. They are not only fantastic pieces for collectors to show off, but very practical props for the working performer. The very clever touches in the manufacture and loading procedure for the Nest of Boxes is downright devious and sets a new standard for this apparatus. The Rice, Pearl and Checker Transposition is a masterpiece. What clever thinking on the part of Brian Cook (great idea on the rice vase) and Master Payne. I can't wait to put it into my own shows very soon. Bravo Brian...I can't wait to see what is next!

                                   Marc DeSouza

Brian Cook has been my friend as well as consultant for over a decade. I have not met anyone more passionate about magic and all that it encompasses. His dedication to innovation and quality will be the milestone to his new company MAGICRAFTER! I look forward to seeing what he has in store for the years to come! 

                                 Chance Wolf

"Brian made me something I have used in over 400 shows and it still is holding up strong.
​He is Fast, professional and reliable. I will be using him every time I need something built." 

                                            Matt Baker

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