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Q: How quickly are orders shipped?
A: Orders will be shipped within 48 hours of your purchase.

Q: Will I receive a shipping tracking number so that I can track my order?
A: A tracking number will be sent upon request.

Q: Can I change the shipping option so that I can receive my product quicker?
A: Yes, I can ship your item quicker on a case by case basis if needed.

Q: What is your return policy?
A: We stand by our product with a 100% guarantee on all parts and labor. We will accept all returns due to manufacturing defects and repair or replace (if a repair is not possible) the product in a timely manner. Any product found to be damaged through misuse, abuse or negligence is not eligible for replacement. You will be responsible for all costs related to return shipping.

As you know, when you purchase a magic product, you are not only receiving the product but the secret of how it works as well, therefore returns not related to manufacturing defect are not accepted.

To help you make an informed purchasing decision we do our best to provide you with all of the information you will need to determine if the trick is best suited for what you are looking for. At a minimum, each product will include a picture and description of the product (what it is made from, the dimensions and effect if provides). In addition, some products may also include a link to a short demo of the product and the name of the maker, if the maker is a guest.

Q: Can I pre-order a product?
A: Yes, simply contact us with the following information:

  • Full Name

  • Product Name

  • Quantity you wish to purchase

  • Email Address

  • Mailing Address

We will inform you the moment the product becomes available. You will then either have the option to purchase the product outside of the MagicCrafters website cart (if quantities are limited) or make your purchase on the MagicCrafters website.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes we ship internationally and international shipping rates will apply. Please contact us for a shipping quote.

Q: How do I cancel an order?
A: You can only cancel an order only if it has not yet shipped by the time your request is received by MagicCrafter through the Contact Us page. If your cancellation request is received in time you will be notified and your purchase will be refunded. If your cancellation request is not received in time, you will receive the product you purchased and are subject to the Return Policy.

Q: Does MagicCrafter accept all currencies?
A: No, all pricing and transactions are conducted in US dollars.

Q: Will MagicCrafters protect my private information?
A: Yes, MagicCrafters is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers. We will never use any personal information collected for any purpose other than internal use or to provide the customer access to the newsletter, should they sign-up.
Order Information – If a customer orders something from this site, the order information will be used solely to process the order. No one outside of MagicCrafter will ever have access to the order detail information.
Credit Card Information – No credit card information is collected, stored or retained at this site. Nor does MagicCrafter collect, store or retain credit card information.
If you have any questions or concerns about any privacy issues, please Contact Us.

Q: How can I sign-up to receive the MagicCrafters newsletter?
A: Please drop us an email letting us know that you want to receive the Newsletter.

Q: I love to create magic props, can I become a Guest Crafter on MagicCrafter?
A: We are always looking to expand our offering to include new exceptional and innovative product to our customers. If you would like to be a Guest Crafter on MagicCrafter please contact us.

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