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Anything Box/ SOLD OUT

Anything Box/ SOLD OUT

No longer in production!
  • Details

    Like many of the items I build, the creation of the Anything Box was inspired by a desire to improve on something that already exists, leading to a new method to make the magic happen. This product received its name from the fact that you can load or access “anything” that can fit in the box. The methodology used to create this enables a wide variety of uses for this box; it is only limited by your imagination.
    This Anything Box is hand crafted from Bocote wood found in Central America. This wood was hand-picked for its naturally brilliant dark stripping against a soft brown background. The Anything Box is also constructed with finger joint edges, something that is rarely used in magic props. This craftsmanship not only uses an incredible method for magic, but creates a beautiful work of art that begs to be displayed.
    Each hand crafted product is unique and may differ slightly from the product shown due to variations in wood grain and natural coloring.
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