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The Key of the Chrononaut
  • The Key of the Chrononaut

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      Master Payne is releasing a pet pocket trick from his Steampunk Show. Key of the Chrononaut is an updated and steam fitted adaptation of the classic Rings of Hindustan trick.
      A mysterious envelope is brought out and shown to contain an assortment of odd artifacts. Two gears, a calling card and a mysterious letter which supposedly contains the key to a time machine. Doubtful the magician still follows the instruction contained in the letter to build a portal to send the key back in time. The key vanishes only to reappear back where it started. Wrapped inside the letter.
      Brian Cook has constructed this prop out of the finest of materials and to his exacting specifications. The gears have been made from the finest walnut and fitted with brass like interior rings. They truly are a work of art. Plus Mr. Cook has added his own twist on this routine which allows both gear rings to be examined at the beginning and conclusion of the trick, allowing you to fool those in the know.
      Key of the Chrononaut comes complete with everything you need. Including a storyline and presentation by Master Payne.

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